Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Obama Administration Considers Letting The Taliban Win In Afghanistan

The Obama Administration will certainly go down in history as one of the worst in US Forign policy history. Worse than even the Carter Administration.

From an AP article:

WASHINGTON - Senior al-Qaida leaders are forging deeper relationships with Pakistani militants and often operating from their camps inside the Pakistan border, fueling Obama administration arguments for a shift in the Afghan war strategy that more narrowly targets the terrorists.

For eight years since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the U.S. has focused mostly on Afghanistan's Taliban as an unabashed ally of al-Qaida.

Now, however, forced to choose between sending more troops in an intensified counterinsurgency campaign against Afghanistan's Taliban or largely maintaining troop levels and using more drone strikes to take out al-Qaida along the border, U.S. officials must first determine which enemy is the greater priority.

The Obama Administration will lose Afghanistan with this kind of thinking. I am inclined to think that they would be less bothered by losing Afghanistan to the Taliban then be perceived as pursuing victory. Victory over the enemy is something that the modern day left can’t seem to stomach.

If the Obama Administration fails to defeat the Taliban, or at the very least, fails to keep them out of power in Afghanistan, then Afghanistan will return back to the stone age country that it was when it was executing woman in Soccer fields for showing a wee bit too much of ankle or daring to leave their homes without a male relative as an escort.

If Obama does not choose to pursue victory over BOTH the Taliban and al-Qaida, then his legacy will be one of surrendering to despair and misery from the farthest corners of the world to the very windows of our skyscrapers.


  1. Obama's sole focus is on undermining and toppling the United States of America. The best use of the US military is against the White House. Once General Petraeus has seized the Executive Branch, we can deal with Russia/Iran and, of course, Afghanistan.
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  2. Johnathane, I must beg to differ. That would be the absolute worst use of the US military. (Not to mention, the US military would never allow it.)

    We Americans would tolerate the absolute worst politician in the Presidency far better and with less worry than we would the best military Junta. In fact, it would be something that would unite the whole of our country, both left and right, in open revolt and revolution against any such military coup.

    We Americans love our military in a way that is possible in few other places of the world because we do not fear it as other militaries around the world must be feared by their own civilian populations.

    We are a little different in that way.

    We will survive Obama. It will not be comfortable nor will it be easy, but he can only do so much damage in four or eight years.

    Ours is a very messy system, but that messiness frustrates would be tyrants enough to help keep them mostly harmless.

  3. By the by, pleased to meet you Johnathane.

    Isn't the internet grand?

    When I was a child, I would never have thought it would be so easy correspond with people from around the world. Now, the whole world is but a keyboard away.

    These can be such grand and exciting times.

    May we all find the moment from time to time to acknowledge the blessings that we enjoy.


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