Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Democrat Rank and File Rebellion Begins tonight.

It may sputter and die quickly or it could result in Reid and Pelosi being tossed out of their leadership posts on their asses.

A political office is a pretty cushy job. Elected Democrats now understand that their once "safe" seats, even the safest of them as were the Massachusetts Senate seats, are now all at risk because of Obama's, Pelosi's and Reid's extremist leadership over the last 365 days.

From Politico: The fallout: Democrats rethinking health care bill

Republican Scott Brown’s upset win in Massachusetts on Tuesday threatened to derail hopes of passing a health reform bill this year, as the White House and Democratic leaders faced growing resistance from rank-and-file members to pressing ahead with a bill following the Bay State backlash.

Democratic leaders and the White House insisted ahead of the vote that they aren’t preparing to desert health care. They admit they’ll have to come up with a new strategy to win passage but said they didn’t want to allow one Senate race to take them off course on the president’s top legislative item for the year.

This was not just "one Senate race" and the Democrats know it. It is a Republican trouncing a Democrat out of the one of the safest Democrat seats in the country largely due to the Democrats arrogant and base lust for power.

Tonight, the Democrats got their clock cleaned. They know it. They will try to play it down, but they all know the truth of it.

The Democrats will now show their true colors in how the deal with seating Senator Elect Brown.

If they play games and delay seating him, they will just make their naked malice and greed so plain that only the willfully blind will not see it.

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