Friday, September 17, 2010

Is Feingold Going To Lose It?

See: Rasmussen: Feingold now trailing by 7 in Wisconsin

After winning his primary to gain the Republican nomination to challenge Senator Russ Feingold, businessman and newcomer Ron Johnson also got a bump in the polls. The latest Rasmussen survey puts him ahead of the incumbent by seven, 51/44. But as with all surveys conducted in the immediate aftermath of a primary, some caution should be taken:

Go to HotAir to read the rest. Check out the link to the Rasmussen survey.


  1. I hope so....I want every last one of these hacks to pay for what they've done.

    They've either passed crap like 0bamacare and Cap & trade because they're simply party tools who put party orthodoxy before their constituents OR they were stupid enough to belive this would help the majority of Americans, which in many ways is even worse.

    Anywhoo.....I'd be all in favor for cretins like Feingold, Reid, Boxer and Murray getting the boot just so that for the first time in a long time, they could find out they have something in common with a large number of 'regular' Americans- unemployment.

  2. Perhaps the other commenter should refer to Feingold's voting record before so lumping him in with those other names.

  3. Evan, tell us why you think Feingold should not be lumped in with " . . . Reid, Boxer and Murray?"

    By the way Evan, you really should allow access to your blogger profile. Your refusal to do so is gutless.


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