Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Now? About the Timing – The Birth Certificate Circus

The screaming above-the-fold headline story of the Seattle Times today was about Obama's Birth certificate: Why now? Obama decided enough was enough

Why Now? Indeed. It is a good question.

If Obama was a Republican, the Seattle Times reporters and the whole of the MSM might have actually done a little investigating into the why of it all, but since Obama is a Democrat (like them), they merely parroted the President’s lame rationalizations without lifting nary a finger at seriously looking into what changed this month and on that day in particular.

Obama’s “We don't have time for this kind of silliness” explanation fails - save that something has been changing in the legal landscape for candidates for Presidency. The time left that he could continue playing games with his Birth Certificate ran out.

Several states have had bills progressing through their legislatures that would have required Presidential candidates to present their birth certificates as proof of eligibility. On the very same day that Obama released his certificate, the Oklahoma House of Representatives had passed a measure that would have required Presidential candidates to show the Birth Certificate in order to appear on their Primary Election ballot.

Arizona passed a similar law last month, but the Governor of that State vetoed the bill.

Louisiana has a bill of this type working its way through their legislative process.

It was just a mater of time before one or more states passed and signed into law a measure that would require the Presidential Candidates to present their Birth Certificate. The “I don’t have to show you my Birth Certificate – you have to take my word for it” game that Obama has been playing since the first day that the Hillary Campaign brought the issue up, had drawn to an ignoble close.

Obama would have had to present his Birth Certificate, or if he chose to continue with the charade, skip having his name on the ballot in one or more states. That would have been too explosive. The game had thus ceased to serve its purpose of being a side-show distraction to keep people from looking at just how awful a President Obama really is.

The Birth Certificate Circus and con-game is now done and over with.

The next left-Dem game will be to call Trump and everyone that is critical of Obama and his policies a racist.

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