Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gasoline Prices Going Up In A Down Economy?

Gas prices are set to rise soon.

See: Experts: Gas prices in Chicago to top $3

What's pushing prices higher is the crude oil that's used to make motor fuel, said Fred Rozell of the Oil Price Information Service. Crude is an international commodity that has become ever more expensive as demand grows in China. As crude prices increase, so do gas gas prices.

Don't be shocked if the price per gallon goes up well over the $3 dollar mark,

In the not too distant future, some dumb and/or dishonest Democrats will be raising a stink about the rising price of gasoline (petrol) at the pump. Being economically challenged from their starting point, the complexities of supply and demand are not something that the Democrats care much about nor do they know how to cope with them save to use them to engage in class-warfare rhetoric.

The markets are rational. There is an increasing demand for certain types of crude. Other buyers are now on the market. The commodities markets, particularly the oil markets, are less and less directly tied to the American economy.

There is also the additional influence of the changing value of the dollar to account for. As the value of the dollar falls due to the actions of the Democrats and the Obama Administration, the dollar price of the commodity will also rise.

Shit will happen. Democrats will promote class-warfare. And the sun will also rise.

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