Friday, April 23, 2010

Chinese War Ships Play War Games Near Japan

There are many possible flash points in the world. One that does not often get much attention or taken very seriously is the friction between China and Japan.

The Chinese Navy is engaged in War Game Exercises in the waters between China and Japan.

See: China defends its drills in East China Sea

China defended on Thursday its drills in East China Sea, saying that its naval ships out in the East China Sea did not violate international laws and posed no threat to other countries.

Japanese media have alleged that two Chinese submarines and eight destroyers were spotted circling Japan's Okinotori coral reefs.

The Second Sino War still looms large on the Chinese Psyche, especially since it is often used as a propaganda tool to keep the Chinese people from looking too closely at how awful the Chinese government treats its own people.

Japan is not entirely an innocent here. Japanese denial of its role in the atrocities that its armies perpetrated in the Second Sino War have made it an easy target for the Communist Chinese Propagandist to make hay with.

The Second Sino War?

Whats that you ask?

You say you were not taught about that in your US Government School Education?

Hint: Japan bombed Pearl Harbor to keep the US from being able to interfere in the Second Sino War. They thought that we were weak enough militarily and weak enough of will that we would not have the means or the gumption to do much about it. (Projecting weakness is dangerous.)

Odds are that nothing will happen during this present confrontation. China and Japan have had these confrontations from time to time without the world blowing up. Most likely, this confrontation will conclude with little more than the usual angry diplomatic protests and press releases. But we should not pretend that if something does happen, it won't end up involving us.

(What would Obama do if China and Japan were to get into another shooting war?)

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