Saturday, April 24, 2010

Democrat Patty Murray's Grim Poll Numbers Look Good For Republicans

Washington State's Senator, Patty Murray's poll numbers are looking bleak for her in the upcoming election.

See: Bad Polling News For Murray

SurveyUSA has surfaced to poll the Washington Senate race, and finds some unpleasant news for incumbent Patty Murray (4/19/10-4/22/10, 517 LV, MOE: +/- 4.4%). She fails to get above 46% against any of her opponents, and does so a polled electorate that looks an awful lot like the 2008 electorate.

Patty Murray (D) -- 42%

Dino Rossi (R) -- 52%

Patty Murray (D) -- 46%

Don Benton (R) -- 44%

Patty Murray (D) -- 46%

Clint Didier (R) -- 44%

Patty Murray (D) -- 45%

Chris Widener (R) -- 43%

Patty Murray (D) -- 45%

Paul Akers (R) -- 44%

Patty Murray (D) -- 45%

Art Coday (R) – 41%

It is still early in the game.

The MOE (Margin of Error) is an important number to look at. With this number at +/- 4.4%, only Dino Rossi has a clear lead. All of the others are too close to the MOE to be more than just hopeful.

Akers and Coday are running radio spots. If there are any TV spots out there, I have not seen them. (I don't have a TV.)

Akers' spots are pretty good. Coday's are OK.

If Rossi gets in the race, he has enough of a following to pretty much guarantee him the nomination. Rossi also looks good in front of the camera.

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  1. Good.....I want every last one of these who thought 0bamacare was more important than a whole slew of real-life issues out of a job (like most of their contituents). I've already sent off checks to Dan Benishek in Michigan (running for Stupak's seat) and Tim Burns in Pennsylvania (running for Murtha's old seat).

    Too bad most of these worthless hacks probably have some osrt of golden parachute lined up- I'd really love for them to be in the unemployment line along with 1 in 10 Americans....


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