Saturday, January 1, 2011

$15.00 Movie Tickets And Declining Movie Theater Attendance

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I like going to the movies. There is something magic about seeing a movie on the large screen. I like to sit near the front where the image on the screen fills your whole field of vision. With the sound up loud and surrounding you, you can shut out everything and put yourself in the movie.

Last weekend, I bought a ticket to see Tron: Legacy. I enjoyed it. Jeff Bridges overacts a bit. I don't know if that is Jeff's fault in this picture of it is the director's fault. The story was interesting. (It had elements of the "constrained" weltanschauung to it which was unexpected.)

What I did not like was the $15.00 price for a single ticket. What the (****) is Hollywood thinking? At that price, I will be spending fewer of my dollars at the movie theater. It is a hell of a lot cheaper to wait a few months and buy a DVD in the bargain bin somewhere then it is to shell out that kind of money for the "theater" experience.

At half the price of the ticket, I would have recommended that my friends go see Tron: Legacy in the theater. At $15.00? Screw that. I will tell them it is worth digging out of the bargain bin when they find it, but I won't recommend that anyone spend $15.00 to see it in the theater.

I make a hell of lot more money now then I did back when I was a teenager. I used to be able to afford to go to the movies on my weekends. Not anymore.

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  1. I'm somewhat ashamed to report that despite keeping track of the cities, towns and rail yards as well as the lineage of the locomotives used for the filming of 'Unstoppable' last year, I actually have yet to see 'Unstoppable'....


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