Monday, April 9, 2012

The execrable "give back to the community" guilt-trip.

I really hate the guilt-trip phrase “give-back” the way that it is used here and in the post that it links to.

The term is loaded with the implication that something was wrongly taken and that the taker has “given back” to make amends for their aggression against those that they have victimized.

People need to call bullshit on this crap.

These police officers did not take something wrongly. They did not victimize "the community" by taking something from it by force or by fraud. Neither they nor any of us should allow ourselves to manipulated by the cult of victim-hood that promotes that damnable “give-back” crap. It demeans all of us when it is used.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Big Labor Hates Amazon

The Unionistas have a new target in their sites.

Check out the timeline of this twitter feed for March of 2012.!/workingwa There is every reason to expect Amazon to feature prominently in the months to come.

Now take a look at a what appeared in the Sunday April 1st Edition of the Seattle Times.

Hint to The Seattle Times and labor toadies: Amazon is a retailer, not a charity. They sell stuff to people that are willing to buy. They employee people to make this enterprise work. Everyone wins, except the parasites. People are not forced to work for them. People are not forced to patronize them.

These kinds of attacks on Amazon will likely ramp up this summer.

Hopefully Amazon will have the courage and the will to fight these bastards.