Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bath-salts and the Zombie-Apocalypse

You may have heard about the recent incident where one nekkid guy was eating the face of another nekkid guy. The cops shot the one that was out to lunch.

See: Miami Police Shoot, Kill Man Eating Another Man’s Face
MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami police are still tight-lipped about the man they shot and killed on the MacArthur Causeway Saturday afternoon, but new details back claims they had no choice: the naked man they shot was trying to chew the face off another naked man, and refused to obey police orders to stop his grisly meal, which one source now claims included his victim’s nose and eyeballs.

See also: Causeway Cannibal Identified; Fears Grow Over Drug Possibly Involved
Emergency room doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital said they too have seen a major increase in cases linked to the street drug called “bath salts” or what is sometimes referred to on the street as “the new LSD”.

When I first saw the headline at drudge, I thought it meant bath-salts as in, you know, bath-salts. Not some exotic drug.

I figured, "well, that might explain the nekkid."

All the same. Yuck!

Drugs are bad. m'kay?

Pot: I understand that stuff. I don't want to do it. I don't think it is a good idea to smoke a substance that dulls your wit. But, if you want to do it, at least be mindfull that it will make you stink like a skunk with a bad attitude.

Meth and Crystal: This stuff will destroy you. Everyone that I know that has used this crap, and I do mean every one of them, has had their lives destroyed. Who can watch people destroy their lives on that stuff and think that they will be the exception if they use it? Meth and crystal will destroy you. No Exceptions.

Crack and PCP are bad too. Don't do them. Just don't.

And now bath-salts. That stuff makes meth, crystal, crack and PCP all look like girl-scout cookies.

Bath-salts ---> Zombie Apocalypse!

It is like something out of a movie.

Some things out of the movies should stay in the movies.

Zombieland was fun as a movie. As real life, not so much.

Now in the apparently possible event that you find yourself facing a real life bath-salts-Zombie bent on eating your face, remember, there are 32 rules of Zombieland. Memorize them. You may actually need them.

Is government using "obesity" to justify growing fatter?

In a word, Yes.

At a "Harvard Thinks Big" confab earlier this year, evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman offered his own bright idea for tackling the nation's obesity epidemic. Merely medicating it won't do, he said, and education is well-meaning but ineffective. His answer? "Coercion. … We should start telling corporations what to do." But not just corporations. He also advocated — "to hearty applause," the Harvard Gazette noted — "requiring people to exercise."
Lieberman's idea sounds radical. For now. But in fact, he is (pardon the term) only slightly ahead of the curve. Yale's Kelly Brownell has long advocated taxes on Twinkies, soda and other high-sugar snacks. That idea has gained support from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with the mayors of Philadelphia and Baltimore, and state lawmakers in numerous states. The New York Times' Mark Bittman likens foods with added sugar to tobacco, and asks, "How do we regulate the consumption of dangerous foods? … We need the government on our side. It must acknowledge the dangers caused by the most unhealthy aspects of our diet and figure out how to help us cope with them." Bittman's colleague, Frank Bruni, agrees. In a column lamenting America's spreading waistline, he concludes that "we need to rethink and remake our environment much more thoroughly."

It is in the nature of government and government agencies to want to regulate and to control. There is no limit to what a government agency will think it has the right and the duty to control. That is why governments are dangerous and why our founding fathers set up a constitution that specifically limited the powers and scope of our government.

But the constitution itself is not enough. What is even more important than having a constitution that limits the powers and scope of government, is having a people that want to be free.

If the people that make up our nation want a government that controls what they can eat and how much they exercise, then constitutional limitations on the powers and scope of government are reduced to nothing but a string of nice sounding words.

We are sliding into an age where eating a chocolate bar will become a revolutionary act.

Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.
George Washington

Who wrecked the UK?

A Reuters Headline that caught my eye this morning.

UK has changed for worse under Queen Elizabeth: poll

Sorry folks. You can't blame the demise of the UK on the Royals. You did it yourselves. You voted to have the state give you things for free. Now you are learning that "free stuff" is more often than not, worth exactly what you pay for it.

Socialism sucks. It destroys wealth. It destroys people. It destroys everything but want.