Thursday, March 4, 2010

Democrat Union Stooge, Sander M. Levin, To Chair Ways & Means

The Ways and Means Committee is the power center of the House of Representitives. It has the power to destroy. Taxation and the byzantine regulatory nightmare that details its applications are made here. If you run afoul of the Barrons and Lords that rule this thing, they can make your life a nightmare, and your business a wreck.

If you have ever wondered why businesses give money to anti-business Democrats, consider the tax-gun that these guys on the Ways and Means Committee are holding to their heads.

See:Levin to Replace Rangel as Ways and Means Chairman

Mr. Levin, a champion of organized labor who represents suburban Detroit, was elected in 1982 and is serving his 14th term. Emerging from a caucus meeting Thursday morning, he said that he would serve as “acting chairman” and appeared to have mixed feelings about the circumstances that led to his appointment.

With a Union puppet set to rule at Ways and Means, expect the Union agenda to become all but unstoppable.

Detroit, Levin's congressional district, is the model for the America of Organized Labor's dreams.


  1. Well, this hardly comes as a shock after seeing SEIU hack Andy Stern appointed to a 'bi-partisan' panel on deficit reduction.

    Because you know when I want to see how wisely other people's money is spent, the first place I should look is the SEIU....

  2. Hi Syrah - this is realwest! That was an excellent blog today, as usual. I don't frankly understand how Sander Levin keeps getting re-elected in Michigan. I mean,ok, he reps SUBURBAN Detroit, but even so, Detroit itself has, largely due to UAW influence, become a mere shadow of itself. And other than Union Executives, I can't imagine who would live in Suburban Detroit that would vote for him. And, after all, Big Labor got what it wanted when it helped elect Obama as President (I've read where the UAW alone contributed over $50 Million and some 60,000 "volunteers" to work for Obama). And I'm from New York, Charlie Rangel was just as much of a liberal and a friend to big Labor as is Levin. But I think the interesting dynamic here is that Pete Stark - who was first in line to get the "temporary" chairmanship DIDN'T get it; methinks someday soon you may be blogging about Stark's ethics violations.
    Thanks for making it possible for me to comment out here, by the way!


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