Thursday, March 11, 2010

Democrats Screwed If They Do And Screwed If They Don't

There is an important article in the Friday edition of the Washington Post.

Its available on-line now. Most every Democrat in congress will read it. You should too.

The article is written by two long time pollsters for the Democrats. It is an oracle of doom.

See: If Democrats ignore health-care polls, midterms will be costly

First, the battle for public opinion has been lost. Comprehensive health care has been lost. If it fails, as appears possible, Democrats will face the brunt of the electorate's reaction. If it passes, however, Democrats will face a far greater calamitous reaction at the polls. Wishing, praying or pretending will not change these outcomes.

Yep. The Democrats are screwed blue and true.

I did not think it possible for the Democrats to make such a disaster of things. They have made such asses of themselves that they now risk repeating the same congressional blowout that Clinton suffered after his over-reaching attempt to socialize health-care. It was a lesson that the Democrats did not heed. It may well be one that they can not fully grasp. They will blame others. Again.

Patrick H. Caddell and Douglas E. Schoen are very worried that the Democrats will suffer an “unmitigated disaster” in the midterms. They argue their case ably and well.

The links in the article are worth looking at too.


  1. Yep. The Democrats are screwed blue and true.

    Hmm.....still getting no readings from my give-a-damn. Still wouldn't put it past them to put some slimy, underhanded prodecural method to try and cram 0bamacare through when they think nobody's looking.

  2. Still wouldn't put it past them to put some slimy, underhanded prodecural method to try and cram 0bamacare through when they think nobody's looking.

    I think we can bank on their trying everything that they can think of.

    The Democrats know that they will lose a few seats in the midterms. It almost always happens to the party in power during the midterms.

    Socialized medicine offers the Democrats the opportunity to make the whole country dependent on the generosity of Politicians for their health care.

    Social Security only made the poor-elderly dependent on the generosity of politicians for their day to day living. Even though the dependent poor-elderly were a small fraction of the population, they became a very powerful voting block, almost totally owned by the Democrats.

    I think that many in the Democrat leadership are willing to risk a slightly bigger loss in the midterms, a slightly larger loss in an election that they already expect to suffer a few losses in, for the possibility of owning the whole of the electorate for the next century.

  3. Hey Syrah - it's realwest. "Still wouldn't put it past them to put some slimy, underhanded prodecural method to try and cram 0bamacare through when they think nobody's looking."
    Haven't you heard about "Slaughter's Solution" yet?!
    Rep. Louise Slaughter (yes the one with the hard luck story about someone taking her deceased sisters dentures cause she couldn't afford her own -nevermind that ObamaCare doesn't cover dental work) came up with this "genius" ploy:
    The House Rules Committee drafts a rule that says it deems the Senate version of Health Care to have passed the House. The House members vote on the RULE, not the bill. Then it can be moved to reconciliation" (h/t JCM at C2).

  4. Hi RW,

    I have heard of the Slaughter Rule.

    I will look into it more.

    It looks like they may get the dirty deed done this week.


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