Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just How Stupid Is Democrat Congressman Patrick Murphy?

It may be that he just thinks the voters in his district are stupid enough to accept his weird rationalization for voting for the Obamacare abomination.

See: Murphy supports health overhaul

The 8th District congressman said the measure, if passed, will result in the "largest middle-class health care tax break in our country's history."

Calling it the "largest middle-class health care tax break in our country's history," Congressman Patrick Murphy said Tuesday he will support health care legislation, and the process by which it becomes law doesn't concern him.

What planet does Congressman Patrick Murphy(D) live on?

[Additional - added at 11:45am]

Democrat Congressman Patrick Murphy has a press release on his website that offers his rationalization for voting for the Obamacare abominations.

See: Patrick Murphy Announces Support for Long Overdue Health Insurance Reform

Health insurance reform is deficit-reducing, a condition that Congressman Murphy, as a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, stressed was critical to his support for any health insurance reform measures. In fact, according to the independent Congressional Budget Office, all of the current legislative proposals reduce the deficit. Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and other industry groups, who will see millions of new customers under this legislation, are contributing hundreds of billions of dollars to pay for insurance reform.

How can effectively nationalizing what amounts to about one sixth of the US economy reduce the deficit? Is it possible that he really believes what he is saying?


  1. Hi Syrah - this is realwest! I don't know where the hell Congressman Patrick Murphy's district is in NY, but it's entirely possible, nay even probable that he does indeed beleive this jazz.
    Of course he has to exclude the elderly, the disabled and everyone else who NEEDS Medicare from his equation, since President Obama has made it clear, in public that Medicare will take a $500 BILLION CUT in services combined with an INCREASE IN THE PREMIUMS FOR MEDICARE to get to Obama's "goal" of reducing the deficit, but my oncologist has said if the Health Care Insurance Reform and Student Loan bill passes, he will keep me on as a patient (though he may not be able to refer me to a surgeon or to a radiation oncologist depending on the regulations to be implemented for the Bill), BUT HE WON'T BE TAKING ANY MORE NEW MEDICARE PATIENTS. Yep, that'll give someone like Congressman Murphy the idea that this will be a huge middle class tax cut,cause the folks who are paying for it are the poor, elderly and disabled who are, by definition NOT Middle Class!


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