Saturday, March 6, 2010

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak To Undergo Gallbladder surgery.

It may not seem like much of a thing to take note of but think about what it could mean for Egypt and the world if something were to go wrong.

See: Egypt president to undergo gallbladder surgery

He is 81 years old.

He has been the President of Egypt since 1981. Now he is in his eighties. When he passes, Egypt may return to the strife and turmoil that preceded Mubarak's rule. The Muslim Brotherhood is a potent force in Egypt. They and a other factions will seek advantage and power in a post Mubarak Egypt.

Mubarak maintained stability in Egypt for almost 30 years.

His race is almost run.

What next then for Egypt?

UPDATE[19:53 March 7th, 2010] Operation Declared A Success.

He is still alive. But at 81 years of age, how long can we count on him to remain?


  1. Very interesting post Syrah! I have NO IDEA what will happen in Egypt, especially under Obama.
    But I'd bet money that we increase our annual $2 Billion "stipend" to Egypt no matter who takes over - maybe even more if it's the Muslim Brotherhood. Anything to put more pressure on Israel.
    Oh and btw, this is realwest!

  2. I view Mubarak through the same lens I viewed Pinochet, who's name gratuitously came up on NPR and PBS when the Chilean military was sent to the quake-stricken parts of Chile this week. Nasty, underhanded, authoritarians who managed to keep something even worse in check....

  3. I worry that once Hosni Mubarak departs the scene, Egypt will erupt in the same kind of civil strife that brought him to power.

    Anwar El Sadat was murdered by people who hated him for daring to make peace with Israel. Among those that conspired to kill Sadat is Ayman al-Zawahiri. al-Qaeda . . .

    Egypt will loom large on our horizon sooner or later.

    Mubarak is not a nice man. He will not be remembered in history for being a saint. What he has done that will be remembered is that he held Egypt together and reasonable sane for the time that he ruled.


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