Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mort Zuckerman Bails

Mort Zuckerman has decided not to run for Senate.

See: Mortimer Zuckerman announces he will not run for the Senate

In my opinion, Mort Zuckerman would have been good for the country running as a Democrat. There was some speculation and indication that had he decided to actually run, he would have run on the Republican ticket.

As a Democrat, Zuckerman could have stood as an example of what a sane and rational Democrat would look like as opposed to the far left extremist that now dominate the Democrat Party. The Democrats and the country need more sane and respectable Democrats.

I don't think that Zuckrman, an otherwise life long Democrat, would have been a good team player as a Republican. I have doubts that Zuckerman is sufficiently committed to the Republican vision of citizen primacy over the government. The Republican's need to elect more people to office that believe enough in their mission to actually fight for it while they are in office. We don't need anymore weak Republicans who are more interested in making friends with the Democrats then in fighting for the rights of citizens against a rapacious and ravenous government.

Party politics is a team sport. Mavericks that are looking to govern from the middle destroy team cohesion.

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